Our Latest Program

Our new Communication in Leadership program is designed to provide up-and-coming managers with the skills they need to run their departments more efficiently and improve team performance.  Each session runs between 1 hour and 90 minutes.  A minimum of six participants is required.  While we highly recommend implementing the entire 12 week course, some modules will work as stand-alones.  Please schedule a meeting with one of our associates at info@the4views.com so that we may evaluate your specific needs.

Understanding Communication Styles:  Recognize common communication traits and understand how they can help… and get in your way.

Management Approaches: Analyze the four main types of management approaches and determine which ones to use with your work team.

Organizing Your Thoughts: Examine how to use top-down structure, brainstorming and mindmapping techniques for capturing and assembling ideas.

Evaluation and Feedback: Learn how to provide and integrate “blameless” feedback and use probing questions to go deeper.

The Persuasive Presentation: Practice using both logic and emotional appeal to gain audience support for your proposal or viewpoint.

Project Planning: Get introduced to sustainable goal setting strategies and project management skills to keep teams on track with minimal meeting time.

Communication in Process: Familiarize yourself with the communication techniques associated with each stage of project development.

Managing Expectations: Discuss the importance of establishing completion and success criteria and securing buy-in.

Listening Approaches: Become aware of the five listening styles and how they work with message, focus and motivation.

Constructive Discussion: Investigate some helpful tools that keep group discussions on-track and productive.

Improvisation: Have fun while experiencing the advantages of staying present, accepting change and making your partners look good.

Team Project: This 30 day small group process provides a “real-world” opportunity for participates to put the course content into action and demonstrate proficiency.


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