Our Principals

“Your most valuable contribution was helping us to get organized and to focus on the higher priority issues.” – Vice President of a risk management firm

Cathy Hammer,     New York

Cathy is the co-author of the popular business text “Tips and Tactics for Conducting E-Commerce,” host of the podcast “Say What?!”, blogger for “Remote Possibilities” and co-developer of the back-end software for the “The Price is Right.”  She has successfully executed projects in marketing strategy, business development and software product management.  Before becoming a consultant, she served as Director of IT for a production company and VP of Production for a marketing agency.  Known for her strong presentation and evaluation skills, she served as President of Schwab’s Toastmasters International Club and as a Committee Chair for the Directors Guild of America.  She has a BS from Northwestern University School of Communication and certification in Training and Development from U.C. Berkeley Extension, and in Computer Programming and System Analysis from UCLA.  She can be reached at cathy.hammer@the4views.com.

John Maver,         Bay Area

John has been President or General Manager of Divisions with Procter & Gamble and the Clorox Company, CEO of a healthcare company and has a broad based consulting history with both domestic and international experience. John has the business skills to quickly provide analysis of the issues and opportunities companies face and then to create plans and execution that deliver success.  His breadth of knowledge brings fresh ideas and creative ways to accelerate the business of his clients.  As a business advisor to CEOs, COOs and other senior executives, John has the capability to serve as their trusted guide.  He can be reached at john.maver@the4views.com.


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