What You’ll Gain

(The team) consistently spots opportunities and pitfalls… We never would have come up with these tactics or thought of these enhancements.CFO of an architectural firm.

4views provides richer solutions to your business issues.  Read some of our success stories and see what we can do for you.

Marketing Strategy and Brand Integrity

  • When a technology start-up brought their consumer research set-top box to market,  we developed a promotional strategy that helped them land their first three corporate accounts and secure an additional $500,000 in funding.
  • When a convention bureau needed more traction with their members, we partnered with their internal branding team to create integrated sales materials targeted to specific segments and increased their audience to 1800 businesses.
  • When a non-profit needed increased exposure to raise funds, we worked with their executive team to overhaul their website, produce public service announcements and orchestrate their first public event, enabling them to better serve over 200 underprivileged youth.

Operations and Business Development Strategy

  • When an integrated marketing agency needed to increase profits, we created a strategic roadmap including a revitalized proposal process, improved resource management and refined project management criteria, which put them back on financial track.
  • When a benefits company lost money because of rapid turnover, we assessed their hiring function, made recommendations for improving their recruitment methods and enabled their HR team to make faster, more accurate candidate decisions.
  • When the senior executive at a large city hospital was promoted to a position with cross-functional responsibility, we coached her in facilitation and problem solving techniques, enabling her to hold consistent productive discussions with all critical departments.

Data Analysis and Knowledge Capture

  • When the research department of a biotechnology company needed to reduce their preparation time, we constructed data templates which increased output and also improved accuracy.
  • When an international construction company was overwhelmed by a glut of data, we coordinated the material into cohesive reports that could be used to honestly weigh future opportunities.
  • When a wealth management services team began to grow, we provided analysis through interviews and assessments that helped their director make the best use of all resources.

Customer Relationship Management

  • When a trade association experienced layoffs, we integrated members of three departments to form a new customer services team that provided a superior experience and increased output by 11%.
  • When a software company brought a new product to market designed to secure large international financial transactions, we produced user-friendly manuals, web guides and help desk scripts increasing customer adoption.
  • When a design firm lost some key accounts, we developed new customer care protocols which improved client satisfaction scores by 19%.

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